Challengers 130,000!


You can play using the keyboard!
Game progress is reset when you leave the page.

  • Climb Up

  • Move Left

  • Move Right

  • Climb Down

  • X


  • Z


  • shift


  • enter

    Change Weapon


By connecting a gamepad, you can switch the input devices that are used by each player.

  • 1 PLAYER
  • 2 PLAYER


Family Computer Action 1987

This action game was released in 1987 for the NES and spawned many sequels and spinoffs that are loved around the world. Though very difficult, the game proved popular with players, owing to its unique gameplay features, such as being able to choose which stage to play, and each boss being weak to certain weapons.

In the year 200X, six robots created by Dr. Light—one of the leading minds in the field of industrial robotics—are captured and repurposed by the evil genius Dr. Wily and immediately go berserk. In response, Dr. Light's beloved robot assistant Rock is transformed into the combat robot known as Mega Man in an effort to stop Wily's evil plans.

Playable Games

CONTROLS Customize the button layout.

  • Climb Up
  • Move Left
  • Move Right
  • Climb Down
  • Jump
  • Shoot
  • Pause
  • Change Weapon

Select the text entry field for the button you wish to change, and then press the button you wish to assign.


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