Challengers 340,000!


You can play using the keyboard!
Game progress is reset when you leave the page.

  • Jump

  • Move Left / Guard

  • Move Right / Guard

  • Crouch

  • D

    Heavy Punch

  • C

    Heavy Kick

  • X

    Medium Kick

  • Z

    Light Kick

  • S

    Medium Punch

  • A

    Light Punch

  • shift

    Option Mode (Change Button Layout)

  • enter

    Start Game / Pause / Join Match


By connecting a gamepad, you can switch the input devices that are used by each player.

  • 1 PLAYER
  • 2 PLAYER


Super Famicom Fighting 1992

The game first hit arcades in 1991, and was ported to the SNES the following year. With a large cast of interesting characters, an intense array of punches, kicks, attacks, and various unique special moves, the game captivated players around the world, igniting a global phenomenon. After paving the way for the fledgling fighting game genre, Street Fighter II went on to give rise to various series and influenced video game creators the world over.

To seek out an opponent stronger than oneself... Players travel the globe battling the best fighters the world has to offer, all in hopes of becoming the ultimate warrior. Each fighter approaches the tournament with their own motivations in mind...

Playable Games

CONTROLS Customize the button layout.

  • Jump
  • Move Left / Guard
  • Move Right / Guard
  • Crouch
  • Heavy Punch
  • Heavy Kick
  • Medium Kick
  • Light Kick
  • Medium Punch
  • Light Punch
  • Option Mode (Change Button Layout)
  • Start Game / Pause / Join Match

Select the text entry field for the button you wish to change, and then press the button you wish to assign.


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