You can play using the keyboard!
Game progress is reset when you leave the page.

  • Jump

  • Move Left / Guard

  • Move Right / Guard

  • Crouch

  • D

    Heavy Punch

  • C

    Heavy Kick

  • X

    Medium Kick

  • Z

    Light Kick

  • S

    Medium Punch

  • A

    Light Punch

  • shift


  • enter

    Start Game / Pause


By connecting a gamepad, you can switch the input devices that are used by each player.

  • 1 PLAYER
  • 2 PLAYER


Super Famicom Fighting 1996

It was released for arcades in 1996 and ported to the SNES the same year.
Five new characters have been added, for a total of 18 characters. Alpha Counters and the incredible Custom Combo System will push your talents to the limit!

Do you need what it takes?

Playable Games

CONTROLS Customize the button layout.

  • Jump
  • Move Left / Guard
  • Move Right / Guard
  • Crouch
  • Heavy Punch
  • Heavy Kick
  • Medium Kick
  • Light Kick
  • Medium Punch
  • Light Punch
  • Taunt
  • Start Game / Pause

Select the text entry field for the button you wish to change, and then press the button you wish to assign.


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