Challengers 13,000!


You can play using the keyboard!
Game progress is reset when you leave the page.

  • Climb Up

  • Move Left

  • Move Right

  • Climb Down

  • X


  • Z


  • shift


  • enter

    Change Weapon


By connecting a gamepad, you can switch the input devices that are used by each player.

  • 1 PLAYER
  • 2 PLAYER

Mega Man 2

Nintendo Entertainment System Action 1988

After his initial defeat, Dr. Wily, the series' main antagonist, creates his own set of Robot Masters in an attempt to counter Mega Man: Metal Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Quick Man, Crash Man, Flash Man, Heat Man, and Wood Man. He also constructs a new fortress and army of robotic henchmen.

Playable Games

CONTROLS Customize the button layout.

  • Climb Up
  • Move Left
  • Move Right
  • Climb Down
  • Jump
  • Shoot
  • None
  • Change Weapon

Select the text entry field for the button you wish to change, and then press the button you wish to assign.


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