TOWN NEWS All 2024/02/06

Capcom Town major update! "Capcom Super Elections" will be held from today!

Starting today, February 6, 2024 (Tuesday), the "Capcom Super Elections" will be held on the Capcom 40th Anniversary website "Capcom Town"!
By answering 10 questions related to Capcom, you will have a chance to win gorgeous gifts such as original Hanafuda cards, Main Art Catalog of Capcom titles, and Pin Badges, as well as original cards (wallpapers) only available here.
Vote for your favorite Capcom title or character, and your passion for Capcom!

In addition, in conjunction with the Super Election, we updated the design of the top page, added games to Retro Games, and opened a special exhibition at the Museum.
Please enjoy the Capcom Town update along with the Capcom Super Election.

Update Information

1.Capcom Super Elections

2.Top page design has been updated.

3.Retro Games
Added the following 3 titles.

  • ・Breath of Fire II
  • ・Captain Commando
  • ・Final Fight 2

4.Museum Opened the special Breath of Fire exhibition.


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